Coding has been described as the literacy of the future, and it isn’t an exaggeration. Even if your child doesn’t dream of becoming a professional programmer or app developer, technology’s rapid expansion means that they will need to have a solid grasp of programming to thrive in the future’s professional world. To learn more about why a coding education is so important for kids today, check out the SchoolViews article on Why Kids Should Learn Coding.

Luckily, Singapore is home to a wide selection of coding schools that deliver high calibre and fun curriculums to equip kids with the coding skills they’ll need to take the world by storm. There’s no shortage of options, but here at SchoolViews, we consider these three the best.

First Code Academy

With the vision ‘Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location”, First Code Academy aims to bring digital literacy to children in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan through their coding and STEM programs. Their highly trained instructors take a project-based learning approach in classes of 4-8, and students tackle hands-on, real-life challenges.

The tailored coding courses for children aged 4 to 15+ help develop competent programmers, digital creators, and entrepreneurial thinkers. Technological tools used in the courses include ScratchJr, Scratch, Cubetto, Sphero, LittleBits, Money Maker, Dash, and more.

Core programs

Name Target age group
First Code Junior 4-5
First Code Tinker 6-8
First Code Explorer 9-11
First Code Creator 12+
First Code Entrepreneur 15+

Contact information (Singapore Campus)

Phone: +65 6820 2633

SG Code Campus

With an all-star team hailing from top universities like Stanford, Berkley, and NUS, SG Code Campus offers expert coding instruction to classes of 5-8 students. They offer course road maps for students in two age groups: 8-12 and 13-18. Younger students start by learning Scratch and Microbit, and are gradually introduced to the programming language Python. The older students learn more advanced Python applications, and about half way through their courses, choose to focus on Python or JavaScript.

Core programs

Name Targeted age group
Basics of Code
Level 1 – Starting with Scratch
Level 2 – Building with Scratch
Level 3M – From Blocks to Python 1
Level 4M – From Blocks to Python 2
Level 5 – Introduction to Python
Level 6 – Introduction to Python 2
Principles of Code
Level 1 – Python Fundamentals Through Minecraft
Level 2 – The Python Sessions
Level 3 – Python Abstractions
Level 4 – Game Programming with PyGame
Level 5 – Algorithms
Level 5J – Web Programming with JavaScript
Level 6 – Machine Learning
Level 6J – Advanced Web Applications
Level 7 – Servers and Cloud Computing
Level 7J – Programming Mobile Apps

Contact information

Phone: +65 9234-5731

Coding Lab

Founded by an MIT alumnus, Coding Lab offers an MIT-inspired curriculum to students in Singapore, Japan, and Perth. In Singapore, they offer courses for children ages 4-16 that include working with ScratchJr, Scratch, MIT App Inventor, and Python. The curriculum is based on the idea that every child should learn to code, and is designed to help students develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills through inquiry-based learning.

In 2017, Coding Lab was named School of the Year, Computer Science by Little Magazine.

Core programs

Name Target age group
I: ScratchJr
Lower Primary
I: Scratch
Upper Primary
I: Scratch
II: App Inventor
III: Python
S100: Foundation – Python Meets Mathematics
S200: Pillars – Algorithm and Building Blocks
S300: Electives

Contact information

Phone: +65 6528 2282

Wrap up

Ultimately, the coding school you choose for your child will depend on their needs, their schedule, and your budget. While there are other great options available, we hope you will consider Schoolviews’ top three recommendations. Based on our thorough research and personal experience, we are confident that First Code Academy, SG Code Campus, and Coding Lab will provide your child a first-rate learning experience that’s both fun and educational.